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One afternoon we will immerse in a nourishing sound bath led by Lisbon based sound and somatic therapist, Vanessa Naumann.

Vanessa's mission is to guide people to embrace their purposeful essence.
Vanessa uses sound to create deep relaxation, to explore processing unexpressed emotions and to allow space for meditation. She guides you towards a powerful embodied state of self-acceptance, pure expression and fulfilment. 

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Learning to acknowledge and process our emotions and physical sensations is the single most important thing we could do to take charge of our life, decode and embrace our essence and nourish our relationship with ourselves and others.

A few words from Vanessa

There’s a significant difference between simply seeking comfort or pain relief and seeking healing. Healing will always lead you to the truth and that can feel uncomfortable at first but it can also bring breakthroughs and positive life change. I’m here to support all those that are seeking to heal and I’m by your side to support you on your journey. The key is your openness to own, accept, and integrate.

I’m not here to tell you how to live your life or to fix you, you are already whole and I’m here to remind you of your own unique brilliance and power.

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