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Meet the teacher

 I'm Lucy and I feel extremely grateful to be taking you on this journey into this wonderful retreat space. I believe that one of the most powerful ways to feel grounded, strong, resilient and happy is to build connection with other beings and with nature. This is the reason I have chosen the farm for our retreat. It is a chance to strip back the complexities of everyday life and to find freedom in the simplicity of nature. During this retreat we will take time to delve deeper into the practice of yoga/meditation/pranayama, to share our experiences and connect with others. This retreat is all about coming home to ourselves and peeling back some of the layers of everyday life. 


Accessible yoga

The retreat will be accessible to all different types of yogis, ages and  body types. We are all uniquely and wonderfully different, therefore I will offer options and variations throughout the practice to suit the differing needs and experiences of our ever changing bodies.


If you have questions about the retreat, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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