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I'm Lucy, the founder of LEAM yoga. I'm based in Walthamstow E17, East London. I teach and facilitate grounding and thought-provoking yoga, breath work, meditation and movement classes for all abilities and body types. Classes are centred around themes relating to anatomy, physiology, yogic philosophy and my life experiences. I have been teaching and training for many years and I have a broad range of teaching qualifications (see 'My story'). LEAM represents my initials but also means to 'gleam' and to 'shine' which I believe comes from the deep transformation which yoga brings. I am based in E17 but teach all over East and North London.  I teach vinyasa and slow flow style classes as I am trained in Hatha, pregnancy, post-natal, parent and baby yoga, childrens and teens yoga, pranayama (breath work) and meditation.

My teaching beliefs

I believe that movement, yoga and breath work helps us find a deep and powerful sense of freedom and connection in our bodies and minds. As a facilitator, I encourage students to avoid reaching for perfection in their movement and yoga practice, but to explore a deeper sense of connection with themselves and the world around them.


I always encourage students to ‘begin where you are’ in their practice, without judgement, comparison, or expectation as I try to instil the values of compassion and awareness. I teach from a place that recognises and celebrates that each of our bodies and life experiences are different, therefore we must approach our yoga practice with an open mind. I embed philosophical and spiritual quotes and references within my classes, alongside explanations of anatomy and alignment as an offering for students to consider. My teaching practice is non dogmatic as my lessons aim to develop physically safe, compassionate and self aware yogis.


I ensure I include differentiation in my teaching, giving variations for each pose to allow all students to feel fully supported. For me, inclusivity in teaching is key and my wish is for all participants to fully access the class regardless of ability or experience. 

My teaching practice over many years has showed me the power and importance of the connection between teacher and student. I believe the trusting, supportive and warm relationship between teacher and pupil can provide the stability and foundations for students to open their minds and explore their own bodies.


Private classes are unique and tailored for each student based on body type, energy levels, past experiences and goals. Each body is unique and special, hence why I never use a one size all fits approach for my students and clients. Instead I work closely with you to discover the ever changing needs of your mind and body as we move and change through our lives.

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