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Beth The Free Range Chef

Beth is a free range vegetarian chef and food writer. Beth will be cooking all of our meals on the retreat using the wood fired stove and oven.

"I cook in kitchens all over the world from Italy to Morocco and Ibiza. A passion for organic ingredients and cooking sustainably is what drives me to keep experimenting with food. Who knew there were so many ways to use up a glut of aubergines?! Through travelling and working within different cultures I’ve learnt to adapt to unique situations and stay calm when problems arise. No kitchen is the same and there are various diets and ideas surrounding food which you need to focus on.  I’ve learnt so much from meeting new people, trying different things and experimenting with all sorts of produce. I love to recreate these experiences in the food that I make back in the UK for my customers so that they can taste the sunshine, glimpse other cultures and feel inspired to eat more veg."

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